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CEO's Keynote Says IM Pros Can Lead Change and Bring Order to Chaos

Oct 16, 2017

In her welcome speech to participants of “Agents of Change,” ARMA CEO Jocelyn Gunter spoke of how the information industry can feel “overwhelming” and seem to be in chaos, but that the information professionals in attendance were those who would “bring order to chaos” and “lead change instead of being led by change.”

Gunter’s opening remarks came on October 15 at the World Center Marriot in Orlando, the site of ARMA Live! 2017.

Gunter elaborated on the theme “Agents of Change” by noting that data is perhaps the most valuable asset we have as a collective society because of its power to be used for good and ill. She cited how data science and analytics help organizations find cures for life-threatening diseases and more accurately determine the route of storms in advance, for example. Likewise, when not properly managed or protected, data can be misused to affect democratic elections, disclose personal information, introduce malicious viruses, and spread fake news.

As gatekeepers of data, she said, the information professionals are facing more complicated questions about its management that are not about “what can we do” but about “what should we do?”

Said Gunter: “It means that organizations need professional knowledge of best practices and that goes beyond what the technology can do and often times beyond the minimum regulatory requirements of what we’re allowed to do. More than ever this profession needs leaders. It needs more agents of change. It needs you.”

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