This month we focus on RIM’s role in information privacy.

The laws are getting more complicated, especially with the new European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) coming on the scene. Read the article by John Montaña, “Data Privacy Meets a World of Risk: A Landscape in Turmoil,” which describes the GDPR and offers advice about how organizations should respond to it.

Privacy programs are complicated by the wide array of locations where private data could be lurking – it’s in business applications and backup systems. It’s in the cloud. It could be in third-party service providers’ systems. Don’t forget your organization’s Internet of Things applications. Or, the mobile devices your IT department has access to. It’s even in your physical records.

You have a role in protecting this important information – whether you’re part of a team or a new “privacy guru.” These resources will help you figure out the key issues and practical steps you can take to help protect your organization.

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